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How To Use YtMp4

  • Open page with video in your browser.
  • Copy page URL address (into clipboard).
  • Paste that link into the box above & GO.
  • Wait a moment for the Download link.
  • Now download the video fast & secure!!
  • Enjoy YtMp4!!
  • About YtMp4

  • We can help download YouTube Playlists
  • Playlists take longer, please, be patient
  • Faster with bookmark-let DOWNLOAD MP4
  • Download video from 1100+ sites & streams!
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, BBC, VK, Vevo...
  • What's New on YtMp4?

    Everything is pretty much old. But what's new is how site looks, how much more time I've spent making it more functional. I removed facebook like button, because it was slowing things down. I removed the twitter share button, cause it was also slowing things down. Now there's nothing there, just a few javascripts that are all sent as one with css by pagespeed. Fast, super fast page loads, still fast YouTube to mp4 info procurement, even faster downloads directly from YouTube. I hope you like it!!

    what is YtMp4? what's it for?

    YtMp4 was created in 2017 and has been a goto source for all YouTube to mp4 needs of many users. The site simply does 1 thing: convert YouTube videos to mp4 and help users download those mp4 files. We do nothing else here, just that - YouTube mp4.. YtMp4 was made for all to use without any friction of famous sites, where all goes to money and monetization of your site, popups and ads everywhere, sneaky links with popups, malware trying to make its way to your device.. Not here! YtMp4 is made very simple, site doesn't use any external libraries except from google, there's no tracking or logging, YtMp4 link is procured elsewhere, so all in all, site is safe and https-secure.

    how to use YtMp4? what to click?

    Design is simple and intuitive. There's one input box in the center above, hit in it, start typing your search. Site will give some suggestions according to YouTube's popular searches. Feel free to pick one. Or continue typing, and submit. Now you will see a list of YouTube videos that satisfy your search keywords. Click on any video to start YouTube to mp4 download process. You can also copy YouTube video link (click share on any YouTube video, then Copy Link) and submit that instead of all the searching, we work with links too.

    does YouTube mp4 need anything from me?

    As mentioned above, we don't require any info, there's no signup, no cookies are stored by YtMp4, no tracers planted.. We do require some video URL address, a link, as they say. If that is not available, we need some search keywords from you, and we will try to find video to convert to mp4 that is just right for you.

    is YtMp4 free? what's the catch?

    I use this site myself, it costs me barely seven bucks a month, and domain once a year.. Plus I needed a reliable place to convert YouTube to mp4. So I made this site, and was using it privately, but then google scanned it, and so people started coming... Thousands visit my site daily now, I am proud.. 😜 There are all those donor sites like patreon or gofundme, look how people there donate 10s of 1000s of money currencies... So I donate hundred bucks a year to download YtMp4 and help 1000s of others do that daily..

    how to download YouTube mp4? why is it playing?

    Some YouTube video files may start streaming instead of downloading. It is not clear why they go one way or the other.. But in case YtMp4 video starts streaming instead of downloading, look for the menu icon in bottom-right and there is "Download" link inside that menu.. To avoid this behavior, try to Right-Click the video download link and in the menu that opens, select Save Link As option. It will open standart save file dialog and allow you to change filename, choose where to save on your device, etc.

    Where are YtMp4 files I downloaded?

    That is totally clear - on your device! But then some configuration differences may complicate a normal answer to this. So.. Simply open browser's menu and find Downloads link in there. It will open browser downloads page. On that page you can right-click any file and select "show in folder" or similar option. That will open your downloads folder. Easy!

    Can I tell friends? I need to tell friends!!

    Yes, please, tell friends, spread the word, we are here to help! Here are a few text links that will send you to specified resources to share the main YtMp4 site URL address. 🔗twitter 🔗facebook 🔗vk 🔗tumblr

    You have a logo to put a backlink maybe?

    here's a logo... nothing fancy. never cared for those..